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by Anna Dzērve
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by Anna Dzērve

About -

Rūdolfs Macats (1988) is a Latvian musician - composer, improviser, pianist, keyboardist, music producer, singer-songwriter, drummer, and bandleader, sound designer. He is best known as the primary songwriter, producer and frontman of "Vēstnieks"


Biography -

Coming from a very musical family, he was born in Riga, Latvia on February 1988.
In early childhood he was trained as a classical pianist,  already then he was  noticing his improvising and composing talent. Meanwhile he finished Primary Art school in Riga, but later he chose only to paint with sound.

Growing older, finishing classical piano , at the age of 16 he started to study jazz, pop, soul, funk and other rhythmic music genres. Extended his piano skills, and improvised more. Meanwhile he started to compose with an interest of creating his own style.  With his interest in creating new forms of music and mixing genres, Rudolfs continued to grow as improviser and artist.  At the age of 21, he finished Jazz college in Riga and moved to Holland.

He Lived 4 years in Amsterdam (2009-2013) where he got bachelor degree in Jazz piano. He studied American classic and modern jazz music - Bebop, swing, latin-jazz, fusion and more.  He got many great lessons from people around the world. Including workshops with jazz legends like - Brad Mehldau, Jason Moran, Aaron Parks, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tyshawn Sorey , Craig Taborn and many more. During that period, slowly developing interested in free jazz, and sacred ritual music, Rudolfs started to study drums as his second instrument.

After graduating Amsterdam, he moved back to Latvia where he continued to practice drums  and started to work as a piano teacher.

Later on he decided to study more academic composition and orchestration, and

after big competition in entrance exams, he  got  accepted in the  Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, for the Master degree as a Nordic Composer. (2015-2017) By that time it was  a very new and experimental program which  included studies in classical, avant-garde and electronic music. Also gave chance to go to study in exchange to Oslo and Gothenburg. All those schools gave an rich experience to study in person with Christian Wallumrod, Magda Mayas, Torben Snekkestad, Jacob Anderskov, Misha Alperin, Anders Jormin, Carsten Dahl, Eivind Buene, Soren Kjeargaard and many more.


In year 2017 he returned to Latvia and started to work undercover name "Vēstnieks". And under that name he released his first album "volume I" what was his first steps in his new challenge and carrier turning point as a singer and songwriter.


During the last 3 years Rūdolfs is developing more as sound engineer and producer, he works more as a songwriter and music producer, practicing bass-guitar, singing, analog and modular synthesisers, and continues to play drums and piano.


in year 2020 Vēstnieks has released 3 singles "Meža Zvēri" "Nav Par Vēlu" "Apgleznotie". This new music already shows growth and maturity in all the musical aspects and defines the sound of the next comming album "FM Nostalģija"



Musical collaborations



Nansija Garkalne, Julianna Tīruma, Keitija EIzenbārde, Jēkabs Kalmanis,

Krists Indrišonoks, Sebastians Macats.



Sinfonetta Rīga String Quartet, Latvian Radio Bigband, Ezeri, Bel Tempo, Mona de Bo, Elīza Legzdiņa,  KlusiKlusi, Elīna Silova, Ole Mofjell, Joao Hasselberg, Liselote Ostblom Seamus Blake, Nic Gotham, Deniss Pashkevich, Matiss Čudars, Toms Rudzinskis, Kārlis Auziņš, Ivars Arutyunyan, Vernon Chatlein, Aminata, Ansis, Rolands Če, Linda Leen, Ainars Mielavs, Arnis Račinskis, Shipsea, Evija Vēbere and many more.

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